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The metaphysical love child of the iHeart Podcast ‘Insider’s Guide to The Other Side’ hosts

Julie Rieger & Brenda Villa.

We designed VIBES to inspire and provide the tools for anyone who is seeking to raise their vibration. Offering high quality, ethically sourced, spiritually powerful products we love, have confidence in their ability and use ourselves.  When we discover new products or a new vibrational mixology that help all of us through Earth School, we’ll add them to the store.

Equally as important to the vibrational solutions we offer to you, it is our universal duty to give back to organizations devoted to making our world a better place.  “Highest good to all, harm to none.”

– Julie & Brenda

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It began with an unlikely friendship between Brenda and Julie over a decade ago when Julie lost her beloved Mom to Alzheimer’s Disease and her dear friend Mona to a car accident within months of each other.  The friendship was so profound you can read their story in Julie’s book The Ghost Photographer published by Simon & Schuster in 2018.  Their friendship is so enduring it turned into a podcast partnership with iHeart Radio for their show Insider’s Guide to The Other Side.  

After receiving amazing and heartfelt messages from so many listeners, Brenda and Julie decided to bring their wisdom and experience of mastering vibrational tools to you via Vibes.Store.  Their business relationship branched out to embrace other friendships that enhance the mission and service of Vibes.  Some seem as unlikely as Julie and Brenda.  They want to introduce you to Kathryn Gallagher, the wickedly talented actress/singer/songwriter and vibe master, as well as Matt Lee, the wickedly brilliant technologist and vibe master.  

This is just our beginning.

We hope you’ll jump in and take the ride with us.

Brenda Rose (Founder)

Co-host of iHeart’s Insider’s Guide to The Other Side podcast.

Brenda was born a psychic medium and has deepened her connection to the magical world of Spirit over decades. Contrary to the blinking neon ‘Psychic’ sign, Brenda earned her MBA and begun coaching executives to help them build elite teams and crush their goals. 

An intuitive healer, medium, and coach who has a gift for helping others navigate their life with greater insight, understanding, and ease. Brenda is an accomplished teacher and passionate about sharing all the sacred pathways of empowerment such as the tarot, Enneagram, numerology, astrology, crystals, Reiki, mediumship, and essential oils.

Brenda brings the grace of the spirit world and the concrete directness of the business world to help you make sense and engage with the mysteries of The Other Side. Brenda created and published the ‘Beauty of the Tarot’ deck and meditation guide, Brenda Rose Connections.

Julie Rieger (Founder)

Co-host of iHeart’s Insider’s Guide to The Other Side podcast. 

Real life ghostbuster (with the occasional exorcism), certified trans-crystal therapist, navigator of the unseen world, marketer of movies, and author of The Ghost Photographer published by Simon & Schuster in 2018. The Ghost Photographer is an inspirational, hilarious, provocative, insightful and occasionally heartbreaking memoir, told with uncensored Southern wit and guidance of her unexpected journey through the cosmic wilderness and, to her own amazement, discovers her psychic superpowers that radically transform her life.  

“A good primer on getting into the psychic realm, this is also, ultimately, a story of unconditional love and healing by a woman you might just want to have a drink with.” - Booklist

Julie is the former President, Chief Data Strategist & Head of Media for 20th Century Fox Film. She is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (The Oscars). Most importantly, wife of Suzanne Taylor and mom to Sookie Stackhouse the Labradoodle and Rebel Wilson the Maltese.

Kathryn Gallagher (Chief Marketing Officer)

Kathryn Gallagher is a Grammy Award winning and Tony nominated singer, songwriter and actress. She made her Broadway debut in the Tony nominated Deaf West revival of Spring Awakening in 2015. She was most recently seen on Broadway as Bella in Alanis Morisette’s musical “Jagged Little Pill.” The show, based on the album, was written with Diablo Cody and directed by Diane Paulus. The role led her to a Grammy Award as a principle in the category of ‘Best Musical Theatre Album’ and a Tony Award nomination in the category of ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.’ 

Most recently, Kathryn was seen on Netflix’s mega hit show “YOU,” as Annika. In the series, which was produced by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, Kathryn starred alongside John Stamos, Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell. 

Kathryn is also an accomplished singer songwriter whose music has had placements in film/TV such as “Younger” “Covert Affairs” and Stuart Blumberg’s “Thanks For Sharing.”

Matt Lee (Chief Product Officer)

Matt Lee has spent his career working with tech. From shoes at Zappos to globetrotting the planet for Booking.com, he has run research teams in this space for over 20 years. As a mentor in the field, he has spoken at events around the globe helping others learn from his experiences. Most recently he was the Director of Research at Grubhub in NYC.

In these roles, Matt became the conduit between the customer and the makers. By personally interviewing thousands of customers, he has used his experiences to help organizations align, adapt, innovate and thrive. Unbeknownst to him, Matt’s empathic abilities were what helped him understand customer needs and translate them to product teams in the corporate world.

In early 2019, Matt had his awakening. From being led to his first crystal store, to finding out he had healers in his ancestry, Matt knew he had to serve the metaphysical world, it was just a matter of how. So he put it out there into the aether, the goal of helping others “somehow”. And it was that “somehow” that manifested Matt to this wonderful team to help our community VIBE!

Charitable Giving

The mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation is to

'Transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever.'

To support this, 5% of all sales will be donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation.