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Black Tourmaline the Crystal World's BadAss

Posted by Julie Rieger on

I’ve been asked over and over why this particular black tourmaline from the Sindhupalchowk Mine outside of Katmandu is so powerful.  I can only respond with one simple word ‘alchemic’.  It’s simply magic.  Especially for those needing some peace from unseen forces. 

As the old adage goes ‘don’t bring a knife to a gunfight,’ as every day we wander into the cosmic wilderness where we cannot venture empty-handed. Whether you carry one in your pocket, bra (my pocket), handbag, backpack, car, or place by your front door or on your bedside table, black tourmaline is your armor. It’s far more powerful where light must vanquish dark than any knife or gun. 

Extensive Experience

In the last seven years, since I discovered this powerful stone, there may be enough stories to fill another book.  This stone provided spiritual protection for a very sensitive three-year-old girl suffering from nighttime visitations in San Diego.  A two-year-old boy exhibiting night terrors in rural Oklahoma.  A grown man in Phoenix who suffered from sleep paralysis since he was nine-years-old and now no longer has to encounter the Hat Man.  Same for a mom of two in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Florida. 

A woman in Bentonville, AR suffered from night terrors ever since she could remember, this is no longer the case since using our black tourmaline.  Interestingly, the woman in Bentonville, is somewhat of a clairvoyant. The first night she placed a piece of large black tourmaline on her nightstand, one by her sliding glass door and another underneath the bedroom window.  When she laid down, still wide awake, she saw an almost invisible shield around her, emanating an electric blue color.  She reports seeing movement on the other side of the shield, entities pushing to get through (to no avail). 

There are countless other stories from over the years. I can assure you since I offered black tourmaline as a solution to these folks for their various issues, not a single report of any further abnormal disturbances.

Brenda and I both have set a protective grid in each of our homes with black tourmaline – no issues to report (which is a big deal given Brenda is a lighthouse for spirits).  I even keep a ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ plastic popcorn bucket full of the stone in my car.  Not a single accident, not even a fender bender.

Powerful Properties

Black tourmaline has interested spiritualists and scientists for thousands of years.  Magicians once used the stone to protect their space while casting spells.  The Curies studied the piezoelectric (ongoing electric charge) held by the stone.  The father of electricity, Benjamin Franklin himself, performed countless experiments with black tourmaline trying to harnass its electrical charge.  

  • It’s clear from the scientist’s that black tourmaline holds an electrical charge, even when sitting untouched. Once you place it in your hand, the charge increases. 
  • Our tourmaline from Katmandu is double terminated. A small percentage actually have multiple terminations, some up to twenty.  A termination is the endpoint of a stone which energy flows.  The energy of a double terminated stone flows both ways.  The more terminations, the more directions energy will flow. 
  • Color psychology tells us that the color ‘black’ is both mysterious and protective. It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world. 
  • Additionally, our tourmaline hails from the Himalayan mountains. It has been proven with crystal oscillators that Himalayan stones carry a higher vibration than other crystals and stones. Is it the elevation?  Sacred land?

Can these factors contribute to the protective power of black tourmaline?  Probably so.  And so much more.

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