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Cut the Cord with Selenite

Posted by Julie Rieger on

Selenite is a powerful workhorse stone on its own, though paired with black tourmaline, they are unstoppable.

Our selenite is from Morocco.  It carries a visually lovely and hypnotic prism effect on its surface.  Selenite is a soft stone (2 on the Mohs Scale), so do not submerge in water.

Metaphysically speaking, you can easily devote a day reading all the websites praising Selenite’s ability to open the crown chakra, as well as promote calmness, concentration and aid in communicating with the wisdom of angels.  All of this is true, but a warrior like myself is drawn to it’s clearing properties.  Sure, it can help fend off stress, anger or exhaustion.  More importantly, it can cut ‘cord’ connections and clear away negative energies/entities.

I found a prize piece of Selenite from a dealer in the foothills of Mt. Ida in Arkansas.  This piece is special, it’s an enhydro (ancient water trapped while the crystal was forming).  Sometime later I asked a friend if she would allow me to ‘wand’ around her body so to clear any energies that weren’t serving her.  She agreed.  All was fine and normal until I got to her tailbone area (also known as the back of our first chakra).  Suddenly, she dropped to her knees, sobbing.  Because I understood where this energy or this cord was relieved, I begun to ask her questions how she was feeling and if anything was coming up from her childhood.  She responded ‘how did you know?’  She begun to share a very personal and oppressive story of her childhood.  Within minutes, she shifted.  She released or she cleared the energy that was no longer serving her.  This friend is still a friend.  And she shifted since that faithful night on Mt. Ida.  I don’t think a transformation like this is guaranteed for everyone.  But I share this story so you can see the possibilities.

We include Selenite in every clearing bowl for it's powerful clearing properties.  We recommend you carry the small pieces in a pocket, a bra, your car and/or your bedside table.  We are also recommend selenite planks for clearing your other stones or crystal jewelry.  And lastly, for you warriors, we have a small number of selenite daggers for those ‘just in case’ moments in Earth School.

Visit our Selenite page to see an assortment of Selenite objects.

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