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Ethical Mining

Posted by Julie Rieger on

We believe with every cell in our body that every single endeavor should be guided by a moral compass. Our moral compass is simple: ‘Highest good to all, harm to none.’ It guides our pricing, our vibrational mixology solutions, our packaging, our brand and most certainly our crystal and mineral suppliers.

As of now, we can say with certainty that at least 70% of our products are sourced ethically. But let’s clarify the definition of ethical. Most believe it has to do with paying miners a living wage, however, we have a higher value definition of ethical practices and that is how the miners and mine owners treat the planet. For instance, we partner and purchase directly from two miners in the Himalayan Mountains. All of our Black Tourmaline and Dravite is mined by a unionized group out of Nepal that does not use explosives. On the India side of the Mountains, our Meru Quartz and most of our palm stones and hearts are mined and manufactured by partners that do not use dynamite. They mine by hand and carry the material off the Mountain on their own backs. We pay them quite handsomely to do this.  They also pay their employees quite well.

Just to name a few, our meteorites are purchased from the people who dig and collect themselves. Our selenite comes directly from miners in Morocco. Our sound healing tools are sourced directly from family businesses that are devoted to healing. One of our partners sent his daughter to university in the UK to study music and sound healing. Our Palo Santo and Peruvian stones come directly from a generational family operation in Peru. Our product pouches (Silk Sari & Felt) are handmade from recycled or upcycled materials and the money goes directly to the incredible woman who craft each one.

The other 30% of our products will be certified by us once travel restrictions are lifted. Mine visits for our Fluorite and our Labradorite are already being planned. This is crucial to us. We have been assured at least miners are treated well and paid well, but we must see for ourselves.

We are in the process of solidifying a relationship for our Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Citrine with a family-owned mine in Brazil. With the pandemic ravaging their country, we have experienced a few delays.

Our promise is to keep you abreast of all our ethical practices. Our goal is to guarantee 100% of our products and pouches are ethically sourced, from both the people and the planet.

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