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Our Crystal Vibe Pouches are curated to amass the vibrations vital to creating change from the inside out. Our very own Brenda Rose (Witchy Poo) held each pouch (except the Get Stoned pouches, that was Julie) and asked them to speak to her. Brenda’s custom affirmations are a part of each pouch.

All the minerals and stones in the crystal kingdom are not created equal. They are all magnificent, but not all equal. There are three main factors in determining monetary value: Rarity, Clarity and Color. Visualize a sliding scale for each factor, for instance, the rarer a stone, the more expensive. The clearer the stone, the more expensive and the deeper the color, the more expensive. We buy the highest quality of crystals we can find – and we search high and low to do this. Once in-house, we bathe them in a Himalayan salt bath then submerge our hands into the bath to deliver a prayer of the highest good for their new guardians. We then sort through each stone, removing any pieces that don’t carry our quality promise. For instance, we removed about 30% of our Rainbow Moonstone supply as they didn’t display the beautiful flash that mesmerizes the eyes. We only want to deliver the highest quality of stones to you, along with the custom affirmations, to unleash the intended vibration.

See our Vibe pouches below. We will be adding to this list over time. And we’d love your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you no matter what…we’re all in this life together

Our Grammy award winning founder Kathryn Gallagher created playlists for each of our pouches. We invite you to listen and elevate that vibe.