We are offering the highest vibrational stones found on this planet, whether they originated on Earth or fell from the sky and landed here – we’ve got ‘em.

High vibrational stones have been used by healers, light workers, and shaman for hundreds of years to assist them in ascending to a higher state of consciousness. Most recently, there has been a surge of people seeking high vibrational stones to jumpstart their spiritual transformation and to, well, simply escape reality for a while. We’ve also experienced and witnessed people use these stones to calm down and even sleep – whether a soldier with PTSD or a young woman struggling to stop the chatter in her head.

Rockhounds like us have always known the secrets of high vibrational crystals and meteorites and love them as much as anybody. We’ve all had a good giggle telling folks ‘I can get you high, here, just hold this,’ and watch their eyes roll back in their heads.

So here you go…whether you’re a light worker that needs assistance in ascending or someone looking for an escape or a person needing to just calm down with the help of an unexpected crystal…’hey, just hold these stones.’