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Smoky Quartz Straw
Amethyst Straw
Rose Quartz Straw
Rose Quartz Tumble Straw
Amethyst Straw
Amethyst Tumble Straw

Crystal Straws (Rose, Amethyst, and Smoky)

Size Amethyst Polished

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Change the structure of your water! 

These crystals straws that can help impart the same metaphysical properties of the stones into your water. Each straw comes with its own brush to help you keep it clean. 

Simply pour a glass of your favorite beverage, place the crystal side of the straw in the liquid and stir. You've now created your very own personal elixir.

The straw comes in tumbled or cut and polished, as well as in Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst.

Rose Quartz (pink): Unconditional love

Amethyst (purple): Peace & psychic intuition

Smoky Quartz (transparent brown/root beer): Release what does not serve you

Customer Reviews

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Megan Coomber
Absolutely Stunning!

I got the smoky quartz straw and it is so beautiful! It's a little short for the cup I had planned on using it with but it is stunning and I've been finding plenty of ways to use it regardless. I love having such an accessible way to ground myself throughout the day.