The crystal community typically label these pieces ‘specimens.’ We like the term ‘one-of-a-kind,’ just like you. And like you, each one of these are different. Different shape, different clarity, different texture and different weight. Most of what we currently have in stock is Moldavite, and some Phenakite. What they all have in common is they are on the larger size of their respective crystal family.

Each piece is listed individually with its measurements, weight and price. Our pricing is very competitive, and in many cases, based on our research, below market price. We price our Moldavite based on weight and whether the stone is a piece or a whole & undamaged specimen. Your one-of-a-kind will be delivered in their respective felt pouch. Earth stones (Phenakite) come in the Heart Felt Pouch and Space stones (Moldavite) in the Blue Star Felt Pouch.

*Due to the limited nature of these items, unfortunately no discounts are offered on these items.