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Boo Box
Fluorite Witch Hat
Labradorite Heart
Black Tourmaline Bracelet
Crystal Ball Pendant
Clear Quartz Pendulum
Palo Santo Bundle


Boo Box


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The boo box contains the following for you or your boo ;)

Fluorite Witch Hat - Absorb Negative Vibrations

Labradorite Heart - Universal Knowledge and Guidance

Black Tourmaline Bracelet - Grounding, Purification and Protection

Clear Quartz Pendulum - Magnification and Amplification

Crystal Ball Pendant - Program for your intent

Palo Santo Bundle - Clearing and Cleansing


Customer Reviews

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Francesca C
Amazing Items & Great Value

The Boo Box was just amazing. It was packaged beautifully, and I LOVE all the goodies inside. I am giving some to a dear friend and keeping some for myself. ;) I was surprised how large the Fluorite witch's hat was. It's gorgeous! I have never used a pendulum before, so I looked up a video online and just thought I would practice programming it. I was amazed that it programmed on the first try. It's a testament to the quality of the Vibes crystals! Such a great value and lovely items... all of them! I think I will need to get another one. :)

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Kaye Bartlett

This is an amazing and powerful collection of tools. The pendulum has a great vibe and the Crystal ball pendant has become a frequent companion. I love my, Boo Box.

Renee Valois
Love my boo!

Admittedly, I already had versions of all the rocks in this box, but the black tourmaline bracelet has become my daily go-to and I love the clarity of the crystal ball pendant. The labradorite heart is the perfect size for carrying in my pocket and the fluorite witch hat is very cute. (The pendulum and palo santo are welcome, too.) Thanks also, for the bonus bath salt sample! I don't take a lot of baths but I look forward to an evening of self care soaking with it this winter. Kudos to you for a fun box!

Rebecca Domzalski
So cute and I love it

I love all of the treasures I got in this box. I am so excited to get to wear my tourmaline bracelet and have put my cute little witchy hat with some of my other stones. Love the pendulum, too. Totally worth it.