Himalayan Lepidolite Side Vibe Stone
Himalayan Lepidolite Side Vibe Stone
Himalayan Lepidolite Side Vibe Stone
Himalayan Lepidolite Side Vibe Stone

Himalayan Lepidolite (Ultimate Grade)
Side Vibe Stone

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Our Lepidolite hails from our beloved ethical miners in India. We love it so much we’ve been donating them to Peace Officers. Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing by dissipating negativity. In fact, part of Lepidolite's chemical make-up is natural lithium (aka ‘happy gas’). It will provide peaceful energy while you feel your way through your process. We at Vibes love all our babies, but Lepidolite is a family favorite because it has never let us down when we need a jolt of soothing love. We can feel that calming vibe throughout our entire body. And frankly, we make better decisions when we are calm.

Don't be fooled, this stone is small but mighty!

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Scicchitano
Lepidolite side vibe stone

Love this stone, it is beautiful. I purchased this along with a bracelet and with the two of them I don’t think I have had a real bad day at work since, and I am a nurse. I do feel the calm from this stone, which I need every day ! Thank you ladies for having these for us.

Tracy Allan Cope
I love my lepidolite side vibe stone!

It’s a beautiful stone! I’m considering making it into a pendant just for fun. Vibe store peeps are awesome! Buy stuff! Yes! You need it! 💜because rocks ROCK!! More rocks please!

Amber Gomez
Lepidolite Bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet! I bought this for myself and it’s the perfect size so that it isn’t sliding up and down my arm. I’m thinking about beginning a collection for my girls too. Loved everything I have purchased from the Vibes store so far!