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Title Gemstone Rose Quartz

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Mala’s are ancient Hindu and Buddhist ritual tools designed with 108 beads which are used to keep count while repeating an affirmation while meditating.

Not all Malas are alike, the individual beads and stones have different energy and meaning to harness different vibes.

Vibes Malas are handmade & hand carved by the ancestral people of Tibet who gave us this beautiful ritual.

Our very own Brenda Rose (Witchy Poo) held each Mala and asked it to speak to her. Below is what they said.


Rose Quartz

Qualities: Emotionally healing, calming, centering qualities. Gently aligns you to unconditional love. Soothing. Attracts love. Heals heartache.


I am loved and loving

I am open to beauty, art & love

I am emotionally whole

I am a vessel of love and healing


Qualities: Supports a high spiritual vibe and meditation, sleep, recovery from addictions, nervous system trauma. Enhances connection & cooperation of all domains: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


I am spiritually protected and supported

I am connected to Source/Divine/God/All That Is

I am physically protected

I am serene


Qualities: Transmuting negative energy. Ignites creativity. Supports Kundalini flow.


I am devoted to _(your choice)_

I am connected to Source/Divine/God/All That Is

I am physically protected


Our Lotus Seed prayer bead malas are carved from the inside of the lotus seed, a symbol of feminine beauty and renewal.


Qualities: When things shift too quickly find your steadiness. Physical or financial challenges become transmuted.


I am grounded and steady

I am abundant

I am physically and financially healthy


Qualities: Ignite your creativity. Facing challenges or creating new possibilities, draw people, re-sources & solutions to you.


I am endlessly creative

I am sexy

I am connecting with people with ease


Qualities: Affirm all your Earth School lessons learned by claiming your wisdom and brilliance.


I am wise and generous

I am efficient and effective

I am laser-focused in my intent

White Fleck

Qualities: When you fully understand how close The Other Side is, you fully embrace the gift of embodiment and celebrate it!


I am made of Star Dust

I am blended human and spirit

I am loving this life!

I am blessed with this body!