Side vibe stones are single stones that carry a specific vibration. Think of them as a vibrational accessory. Your side vibe stones are here to support you in what you need or want in a moment or for that day. If you are in the midst of a creative endeavor, Iolite would be a great side vibe. If you are seeking a calming vibe, Lepidolite is a great side vibe stone (we make sound decisions when we're calm).

The shape and sizes of these stones can be carried in your pocket, handbag, bra, held in the palm of your hand or between two fingers. Just touch them - touch your rocks. They are here to support you. When working with them or just hangin with them, ask them for help (aloud or silent, it makes no difference).

These crystals carry powerful vibrations that help us through Earth School. Keep them handy, store them on a Selenite plank to keep them clear or a safe place and clear them under the full moon.

Love them hard. They will love you right back.