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Star Meteorite Rough Pieces
Star Meteorite Rough Pieces

Star Meteorite Rough Pieces


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Something exclusive at VIBES is our meteorite offering. We partnered with the Shaanxi Meteorite Center to curate 5 products by VIBES and Shaanxi. After experimenting with a slate of meteorites, we landed on these five. And by experimenting, Julie Rieger & Kathryn Gallagher (a member of our VIBES family) are the two that volunteered for this job. Hopefully they both have landed safely by now.

Because all but one meteorite is relatively unknown to the Western world, the ladies made extensive notes about the vibes of each meteorite. And for this reason, the pricing is incredibly low compared to other meteorites. We thought it would be cool to bring you wild otherworldly vibes.

“This little square is mystical, truly transcendent. Makes you take a deep breath and reduces anxiety. Great for meditation for a quick mental holiday to a warm island escape. ‘The Deep Breath.’” – Kathryn Gallagher