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Rainbow Moonstone Side Vibe Stone
Rainbow Moonstone Side Vibe Stone

Rainbow Moonstone
Side Vibe Stone


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Rainbow Moonstone holds the power of mystery as its secrets are locked beneath the pearly white veil. Only within its reflected light and colorful flash can we being to understand what it has to teach us. Sometimes the flash in on the surface or beneath the surface or even at the heart of the stone. It helps us begin to understand what has been forgotten inside our soul. Moonstone has a connection to the magic of the moon – to protect travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy and a path for wisdom.

Gaze into your moonstone in the sunlight. Magic will be unveiled.

Ave Size

0.4-0.6 oz - Small
0.7-1.0 oz - Medium
1.1+ oz - Large

Customer Reviews

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Allie D
Great product and excellent customer service

I love my rainbow moon stone it’s exactly as described on the site. Vibes has great customer service they went above and beyond with a hand written note. <3

Jodi Queen

This is a lovely crystal. It glimmers blue and green when I hold it in sunlight. Thank you Vibes for swift delivery of this gossamer glimmering stone.