Smokey quartz and lepidolite bracelets
Smokey quartz and lepidolite bracelets
Smokey quartz and lepidolite bracelets

Peace & Release Bracelet Pouch


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Smoky Quartz


Sari Silk Pouch

*This pouch contains only bracelets*

Earth school is hard as hell. Especially right now. We are still experiencing a global pandemic. People are on edge at best and angry, even violent, at worst. This is what we do when we’re afraid or when we are grieving.

How do we stay in the center of the storm where it is the calmest? We must release what does not serve us and usher in the peaceful vibes that help us feel emotionally safe. Smoky Quartz is by far one of the best stones to assist in releasing energy we no longer need – whether it’s the angry driver that flips you the bird or the verbal confrontation at a grocery store (or much worse).

To usher in the peaceful vibes, we have Lepidolite. Science has supported that each stone has a vibration (via an oscilloscope) but in the case of Lepidolite, science supports the soothing vibes of Lepidolite through the natural lithium that forms with this stunning purple stone. Lithium is known as ‘happy gas.’

We feel we all need a little peace and release these days. Remember to touch your rocks! Put one in each hand and recite the affirmation. Also try changing hands to see if the vibe is more intense for you.

Curated Crystals:

Smoky Quartz (transparent brown/root beer): Release

Lepidolite (purple with silver flakes of Mica): Peace


I AM at ease in the world

I AM able to release energy that does not serve me

I AM able to usher in a new beginning when I choose

Customer Reviews

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Caroline C

Product came packaged great. Bracelets are beautiful and have positive energy. The lovely Suzanne wrote a note & added in a few goodies to my surprise…made my day💜

John M.
Perfect Timing

This was a gift for a friend who going through some health struggles. They replaced their worry stone with these beautiful bracelets that keep them grounded and has brought great peace to them.

Serenity in two bracelets

Lepidolite had an immediate effect of calming my spirit. It's beautiful purple has depth and variety of colors. The smoky quartz grabbed my gaze and, surprisingly, enchanted me completely. I didn't think I would like a brown crystal, but many of the beads have inclusions which flash in a myriad of colors. Who could hang on to anger when lost in such beauty?